Tone on Tone Creator

pH Changer tone-on-tone coloring service

Dorado Tone on Tone Creator is ideal for clients who desire a tone-on-tone effect on the lengths, who need a color recovery on lengths and ends, and who are looking for a toning service. Moreover, Dorado Tone on Tone Creator is the perfect solution for the youngest clients who are scared to undergo a more aggressive service and desire to revive their look with a hiper-natural effect without giving up the unique characteristics of the Dorado Color Cream enriched with 24 K gold.

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Size 150 ml / 5.07 fl oz
pH Changer tone-on-tone coloring service_2
Active ingredients Citric acid
pH Changer tone-on-tone coloring service_3
Directions Always refer to the directions included in the package.
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When to use it It allows to offer a new technical
service with a single additive
It is easy to use: color fullness
How does it work?
Dorado Tone on Tone Creator is an acidifying additive that, added to the coloring mixture, lowers its pH and transforms the Dorado Color Cream permanent oxidation color into a tone-on-tone color. 

- A final extra shine effect
- Incredibly uniform and long-lasting results 
- Total control of reflexes
- No unwanted toning also during the darkening phase
- Anti-fading effect
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Color Chart
Dorado Tone on Tone Creator offers the opportunity to widen the services possibilities of the Dorado Color Cream coloring line.  Its functional approach, which cares for the clientele’s needs and the fashion trends, has brought to the choice of a color range that can respond to the necessities of the main hair types and, at the same time, give value and harmonize with the performances and characteristics of the product.
Use Dorado Tone on Tone Creator with these Dorado Color Cream shades for brilliant, extra-shiny, and long-lasting results.
Nuance List
Screen Dorado 6N, 8N, 11N, 9A, 7C, 11C, 5O, 7O, 7B, 9B, 11B, 6D, 8D, 11D, 5CL, 7CL, 7DR, 9DR, 6RD, 8RD, 6R, 8R, 7RR, 5FF, 7FF, 5VV, 5 VF, 6FV, 7 RRF, 10 DM