Instant hair bleaching fluid

A liquid no-rinse hair bleach, with immediate effect for lightening up to 2 levels to be applied after styling. Its special formula, enriched with conditioning and protective agents, leaves hair healthy and shiny.

Instant hair bleaching fluid_1
Size 250 ml. / 8.45 fl oz
Instant hair bleaching fluid_2
Directions for use Apply on dry hair. Do not apply onto damaged and/or previously bleached hair. Do not apply on scalp. After the styling, using a color brush, apply the product onto the section of hair to be bleached. Set flat iron to a temperature between 170 - 190°C and pass it with fast and regular movements. Lighten up to a maximum of two levels. Always refer to the directions included in the package.
Instant hair bleaching fluid_3
When to use it You want to enhance a cut, underline details or lighten weight and volume with instant lightening.
In a few moments, you can enhance a cut, make it more personal and full of character, highlight its details or lighten chromatically weight and volume through unique special effects.
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