White Silk

Decolorante in polvere per capelli

Vegan bleach powder indicated for all the bleaching techniques. All the safety of using a hyper-tested product on the market with an innovative powder formulation, dust free (non-volatile), ideal for a secure use for the hairstylist. Easy to mix, provides the ultimate in lightening and control. Enriched with Quinoa proteins and vegetal keratin.

Decolorante in polvere per capelli_1
Formato 500 g. / 17.64 oz
Decolorante in polvere per capelli_2
Directions Read and carefully follow the instructions for use.
Decolorante in polvere per capelli_3
When to use it You are looking for a bleaching powder suitable for all coloring techniques.
Easy to mix, it offers maximum bleaching and control.
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