Ammonia-free hair bleaching powder

Vegan Ammonia-free bleach powder indicated for all the bleaching techniques and to be used with all tool types, it is particularly indicated when more “warm” reflexes are desired. Thanks to its balanced pH formula, it lightens up to 7 levels while its new texture allows better adhesion of the product to the hair. Its dust-free (non-volatile) formula even allows a safe use for the hairstylist. Pure Bleach White is enriched with Quinoa proteins and vegetal keratin.

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Size 500 g. / 17.64 oz
Ammonia-free hair bleaching powder_2
Active ingredients Quinoa proteins and vegetal keratin
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Directions for use Always refer to the directions included in the package.
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When to use it You are looking for an ammonia-free bleaching powder suitable for all coloring techniques.
Delicate on the skin. Easy to mix, it offers maximum bleaching and control.
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