Pure Color Cream

Hair coloring cream with Biostructurer

A coloring cream enriched with precious substances of marine origin that give a total coverage of grey hair. The Biostructurer that enriches the formulation of the color cream is an active substance that restructures and reactivates the brightness of treated hair.

Hair coloring cream with Biostructurer_1
Size 100 ml. / 3.38 fl oz
Hair coloring cream with Biostructurer_2
Ingredients With Biostructurer, an active substance that originates from sea depths.
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Directions for use Always refer to the directions included in the package.
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When to use it You like to change hair color frequently and want to do it safely.
It has a moisturizing and revitalizing action that restructures the hair fiber. It restores the protective film covering the hair and defends it from external aggressions.
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