Color No Color – The new coloring service with an authentic and natural touch

9 November 2021

Whether you like it or not, more than often, it is from nature that we take inspiration. Directing our look outward recurrently allows us to catch infinite shades that we can reinterpret and propose back thanks to new techniques and creative solutions.
It was something like this kind of path that brought our creative Team to the conception of this innovative Color-no-Color service.

A new coloring technique conceived and developed for those who always look for authentic, natural-effect hair color.
The strong and distinctive point of this new coloring technique is its ability to animate and move the hair with personal and unexpected reflexes giving a fashion and trendy appeal still genuine at the same time.
Its application method plays with different layers and couple of shades, substituting a more ordinary and potentially artificial color uniformity with a surprising and always new dynamic authenticity.

Light and reflexes games deliver movement and deepness in chromatic results pointing everything to naturalness.


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