How to have long lasting natural and sensual waves

11 January 2019

Somebody calls them beach waves, somebody else soft waves, and others simply define them as a natural wavy effect: the only certain thing is that this is 2019’s new hair trend. A must have to wear on different looks, for example, to give your medium length lob or long hair a glam touch.

Certainly, it is a stylish fabulous look if it just wouldn’t need a long flat iron, curling iron, or hairdryer job to be done. Not to mention the fact that the fantastic waving effect obtained, irremediably disappears during the first wash or the first exposure to humidity.

Today, with T-Slalom, all these problems will disappear! Yes, because thanks to this special technical system one will obtain long lasting beautiful waves that will not fear humidity, no-sleeping nights or steam baths. T-Slalom, Biological and ammonia & thio free, gives you perfect waves with an additional precious conditioning effect that will make your hair soft and thicker.

And if you are worried about the timing, there is nothing quicker!

Few leave-in minutes, rinse, drying and voilà, the result is just perfect: enchanting waves for a sophisticated “natural” look.

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