Renovate and nourish your colors!

is the new colored nourishing mask that while taking care of the hair, nourishing and pampering it, it maintains reflections lively between one coloring service and the other, creates new shades on natural hair, or tones bleached hair.

Versatile, rich,

mask masks renovate and nourish your colors.
An infinite world of
chromatic possibilities.

Versatile and delicate

Puredips mask it allows you to play with your look and maintain it always perfect, with no binding. PUREDIPS COLOR RECHARGER è
> easy
> quick
> temporary
Includes 11 trendy and sophisticated shades directly mixable and a “Clear” desaturating achromatic shade to obtain new personalized pastel tones, that will offer you an infinite world of chromatic possibilities to give vent to your creativity.

Formula vegana

Its exclusive formula is vegan and enriched with two active ingredients obtained thanks to the most recent cosmetic technology: The Colorist Complex and Magnolia glycolic Extract with antioxidant action. Colorist Complex is a mix of Italian fruits obtained through molecular bioliquefaction, a new technology developed to overcome conventional extraction technologies and obtain phytocomplexes rich in active principles that are incredibly complete and bioavailable and so 100% active, 100% effective. Together, the two active ingredients enhance hair shininess and protect its color maintaining it bright and vital.
Fall in love with unique colors, textures, and perfumes*!

*PUREDIPS COLOR RECHARGER fragrances are eco-friendly. Their high biodegradability makes at least 60% of them degrade

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