REP22 – Enjoy your Hair renaissance

Enjoy your Hair renaissance

It brings back damaged hair to its original health conditions | IN ONLY 4 MINUTES | IN A LONG-LASTING WAY | FROM THE FIRST APPLICATION

REP22, an instant, and deep-action, damaged hair renovator is a real revolution on the market.

Hair goes back to a pre-treatments (coloring and bleaching) condition experimenting a sort of TEMPORAL FLASHBACK.

Formulation technology

The Biotech Biomimetic Oligopeptides in the REP22 formula mimic the hair’s keratin structure. They act directly on its protein and restore its original architecture. The formula is enriched with vitamins and a biotech active ingredient extract from chestnuts, AQ Save, that repairs external damages on the cuticle, maintaining hair hydrated and healthy.

Renovating Spray 150ml

Renovating Shampoo 500ml

REP22 spray is a deep-action renovating fluid for damaged hair. To be used before technical services.

Renovating Mask 150ml

Renovating Shampoo 500ml

REP22 mask is a deep-action no-rinserenovating mask for damaged hair.

Renovating Shampoo 500ml

Renovating Shampoo 500ml

REP22 cleansing and restoring shampoo for damaged hair.