God Save the Glamour

29 June 2018

The special edition of SCREEN and nubeà three final days, all dedicated to the world of Glamour, inflames the Riccione Congress Hall.

“God Save the Glamour” is the name and central theme of the closing show of the three days of training, inspiration and exploration of new fashion trends, haircuts and colours that, at the end of last November, involved more then 2000 national and international sector operators, including affiliates and sales force, in an invasion of technology, innovation and creativity. Among special guests and moments of great style and show – like the engaging interpretation of the young theatrical actor Alessandro Blasioli – the event culminated in the presentation of the new cut and colour collections and in the official launch of the new ADV 2018 campaigns with the breath-taking announcement of a special collaboration with the style icon Iris Apfel. During the closing show, a strong message was launched: extemporization is nothing without technique, creativity is not effective without experience, originality is useless if it is not functional to a purpose. Experience and technical competence, perhaps never as before, have strongly emerged in the performance of the Artistic Director and the Team who, in just five minutes, have defined six different cuts, designed six different concepts and proposed to the public of professionals six new ideas on which to build their own personal creative proposal.


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