Hair Color Trend 2020.

6 February 2020

The desire for a change is approaching? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? We immediately think at a fantastic new, super cool, hair cut and colour change to carry out in your favourite hair salon.

Today many solutions offer an infinite number of colouring variations. Their goal is not only to renovate your look but overall to enhance it, to emphasize your strong points!
When once one imagined a colour change, the mind immediately went to a new nuance, a new colour. Darker, lighter, red, brown or blond. The possibilities were all there, in the hair dye ranges.

Todays instead, hairstylists and clients have infinite chances that have the value to appear more and more natural, sophisticated and personalized.
In the last 20 years, the colouring techniques evolution had a very fast development. New solutions entered the market becoming, day by day, more famous.
They were born from the rib of mèches and light strokes created in the 70s. Some of them even entered in the daily vocabulary used by million of hair fashionistas.
From Shatush to Degradé, from blond or brown Balayage – more and more coloured – to Tiger Eye, from Ombré to our unmistakable Ruffle.

But there is an important novelty that enriches the hair colour tendencies for this 2020.

Thanks to SCREEN professionals’ research, experimentation and creativity, a new special effect dedicated to the colouring of medium-long hair is born. It is unique for technique and results, surprisingly rich in shades.
It is Shadé. Who knows Ruffle, has certainly appreciated the richness of its tones modulation in their typical vertical development.
Shadé now, flanks Ruffle playing with an infinity of hues that have, instead, a horizontal development. The technique involves, simultaneously, real colour changes and intensity modulations.
It creates an unexpected chromatic effect that gives volume, movement and extreme luminosity.
The best styling to enhance Shadé and its infinite colour shades? With no doubt a beautiful wavy look, a natural and sensual movement that can emphasize lights and shadows.
Maybe precisely one of the many options presented in our Wavy collection. Or more, an almost magical touch to embellish the look with a Ghost Fringe Cut.
The 2020 fringe that one can make appear or disappear of choice, in a chameleonic and glamorous transforming effect.

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