Solid shampoo for curly hair

Solid shampoo for curly hair fused with vegetable glycerine and enriched with erythritol and sorbitol. It deeply nourishes curly hair to give it elasticity.

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Size 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz
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Active Ingredients Erythritol and Sorbitol: Derived from fruit sugar fermentation, have emollient and antistatic effects enhancing the hair fiber conditions progressively, application after application.
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Free from Sls, sles, mineral oils, edta, synthetic dyes.
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PH 5.50 - 6.50
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Directions Take a small amount of the product with the spatula and rub it between your hands while adding water, then massage into the scalp. Rinse and repeat.
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When to use it If you have:
• Curly hair
• Frizzy and unruly hair
• Dry and dull hair
It deeply nourishes curly hair to give it elasticity.
natural beauty
In our laboratories, we have developed green formulas that guarantee maximum skin tolerability and respect for the planet. We have declared on each product the % that make the difference. Up to 97% natural origin ingredients. We have activated each product with two different kinds of upgrading boosters:
1) A personalized blend of essential oils that substitute synthetic fragrances and are, at the same time, active ingredients.
2) The last generation of glico-cosmetic technology that provides the specific, functional, active ingredients in each line. The ingredients increase the professional efficacy of every single product with regard to the goal to be achieved.
vegan friendly formulas
If we think about respect for the Planet, we cannot forget all the living beings that inhabit it. Creating Purest line, we wanted our formulas, such as our packaging, to be free from animal-origin ingredients and glues.
Purest looks forward to a greener future and sustainable development. We have made rigorous choices also on our packaging to make our products environmentally friendly. Our commitment to numbers: • from 50% to 100% - the percentage of recycled plastic contained in our packaging • 40% + 15% - the paper used in our cases and our communication is made of 40% recycled paper and 15% upcycled paper from agro- industrial waste • 100% - is the recyclability percentage of glass • > 50% - plastic saving in our tube caps (plasticless approach) • 14 - the number of our products in the range. All products are combinable among each other to have all necessary treatments avoiding over-packaging and double or useless references.
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Purest has boosted its green formulas with the glico-cosmetic technology to obtain immediate and visible efficacy. Sugar chemistry (mono - disaccharides), matched together or combined at a molecular level with proteins, maintains hair perfectly hydrated and increases hair quality and scalp health, application after application.
water bank action
Sugar is by nature hygroscopic, that is to say it captures the water from any element with which it comes in contact, including the air. Sugar’s principal cosmetic functionality is to hydrate skin and tissue in deep. In this way, the ability to keep skin and hair hydrated, holding back water molecules in their structure, increases. The presence of sugars on the skin, for example, keeps superficial humidity that reduces the evaporation of the water from the epidermis and more internal layers with a plumping effect. The same happens in the hair. Hair stems result so more bodied, shiny, soft, and disciplined.
LifeGate PlasticLess®
Screen Purest is LifeGate PlasticLess® partner for 2023-2024. In detail, our environmental commitment is to free and preserve seas from pollution due to plastic materials. Thanks to the sponsorship of a Seabin device for plastic collection in Pescara Harbour, Purest contributes with a concrete gesture to reducing plastic and microplastic waste pollution in one of our Italian seas. The Seabin is a collection bin that floats in water and can capture over 500 kg of debris a year, including microplastics. A local environmental supporting project for our homeland that wants to be also a global message of care for man, the aquatic life forms, and the Planet’s health.