Instacare Conditioning / Disciplining

Conditioning spray for damaged hair

Leave-in spray for all hair types. Provided with an instant high conditioning power, it disciplines and regenerates hair. Used after the complete treatment it offers an optimal result. Weightless.

Conditioning spray for damaged hair_1
Size 200 ml / 6.76 fl oz
Conditioning spray for damaged hair_2
Active ingredients KT Complex, Amino acids
Conditioning spray for damaged hair_3
PH 3-4
Conditioning spray for damaged hair_4
Directions for use Shake well before use. Apply a sufficient quantity onto wet or towel-dried hair. Gently comb. Do not rinse. Please always refer to instructions on the pack.
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When to use it You have weakened and fragile hair that tends to break easily.
Disentangles and illuminates.
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Keratin inTensive Complex
Keratin inTensive Complex: an exclusive concentrate of 20 different amino acids, thanks to which hair finds renewed balance, strength, and softness. Low molecular weight proteins are able to penetrate deeply, ensuring optimal reconstruction of the cortex (inner part) while those with high molecular weight repair the cuticle (most external part).