Laura Chiatti, new SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso face

16 January 2023

SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso brand are back to narrate their fashionable world, made of techniques and trends, with the aid and the participation of a new testimonial. The Italian actress Laura Chiatti will be the new SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso face for the 2023 advertising campaign.

The successful actress perfectly represents the perfect icon of a woman that is undoubtedly gifted with great beauty but has been able to conquer her audience, most of everything, with her temper, talent, and genuine spontaneity. Who more than Laura Chiatti embodies femininity and grit? The actress, a wife and wonderful mother of two kids, perfectly represents the SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso ideal woman. A woman that emerges from the crowd, a worrier when needed, who, with her algid and celestial beauty, can turn into a whirlwind of congeniality, energy, and charisma.

For Laura Chiatti, the SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso team have chosen a versatile and modern medium-layered haircut valorized during the styling phase in different versions, from a more tidy, sophisticated, and bon-ton one to a more messy, rock, rebel, and sensual one. 
An ideal solution also considering her professional needs. The second version, characterized by volume and movement, results from the “Scrunch” technique, a free-hand technique carried out with the aid of specific CONTROL Style&Finish products to select according to the type and nature of the hair.
This gritty and provocative look is a novelty for the beautiful Italian actress. Her hair, characterized by a particular texture and a light movement, immediately looked perfect for this glamorous styling solution.


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