Brand NewLegerity Beauty Hair Oil, Istant Shine-leave in.

3 September 2019

Do you know that caressing and sensual pleasure of a drop of perfumed oil that glides down through the fingers?
A warm and vaguely exotic fragrance that brings your mind away in faraway places?
Good, now add the virtues and properties of Legerity Beauty Hair Cream, and you will have discovered what Legerity Beauty Hair Oil is.

Now your universal beauty hair treatment has also a fluid and golden consistency.
It transforms itself in an illuminating and nourishing oil that regenerates, reinforces, revitalizes and protects the stem.
Its silkening and illuminating action is immediate and long-lasting. 
Moreover, the blend of special ingredients that characterizes its formula gives your hair a precious anti-age effect.
Legerity Beauty Hair Oil is a product for extra nourishment and protection, and a precious alley during the styling and finishing phases.
It enriches and completes your daily beauty routine with its warm, vanilla and exotic perfumed notes.

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