Pure D’Argan

Pure D’Argan

From the encounter between the millennia-old Berber tradition of Argan Oil and the most innovative cosmetic biotechnology, SCREEN Pure D’Argan is born, the new silkifying and illuminating line for all hair types.


Pure D'argan
for all hair types,
for silkiness and intense radiance
all over the body, for a
complete beauty-routine.

Ingredients and actives

All the properties of Argan Oil and the extraordinary power of Luminescine have given life to a professional hair and body line, indulgent, rich, and seductive. Luminescine is a state-of-the-art active ingredient from Molecular Bioliquefaction®, inspired by the natural photoluminescence of plants, which, combined in a virtuous union with Argan Oil, transforms skin and hair into a silky and radiant source of light.

From nature for nature

The products in the Pure D’Argan line are vegan, use Organic Argan Oil, employ sustainable packaging, and feature a biodegradable fragrance characterized by hints of flowers, fruits, spices, and plants that evoke the charm and warmth of Moroccan landscapes.

The line

The Pure D’Argan line consists of four professional-grade hair care products, two body care products, and a 100% organic Pure Oil for face, body, and hair. Together, these products offer the opportunity to experience a complete, luxurious, and rejuvenating beauty ritual.