Shaving Cream

No foam shaving cream

Delicate and hydrating it allows a precise and clean shave. Leaves skin elastic and fresh. Its special blend of ingredients is enriched with allantoin, glycerin, and menthol which respectively have a regenerating and repairing, moisturizing and refreshing action on the skin. Its fresh and masculine fragrance has a sensual and captivating character thus making every daily shaving gesture special.

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Size 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz
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Active Ingredients Allantoin, glycerin, menthol
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PH 7.2
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Directions for use Dampen skin with lukewarm water. Apply and massage the cream on the area to be shaved. Wait for a few seconds and proceed with the shaving. Rinse.
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When to use it Looking for a precise and easy shaving?
It has a regenerating action on the skin thanks to its special blend of ingredients
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