THREE DAYS Grand Final Event: in Milan, in the sign of lightness

12 November 2018

Milan, the national capital of fashion, will host this new edition of the SCREEN grand final event where trends, novelties, styles and techniques will run after each other in an evolving play of training and show that will take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November.

Awaited and punctual, the annual final event is back with all its innovative strength, anticipating and launching SCREEN’s world most important novelties, starting from the first preview of new products and collections and then getting to the launch of the new 2019 advertising campaign that will carry the responsibility to spread the brand’s image in the world. Lightness is the fil rouge of this 2018 edition. The lightness of the volumes that the international team’s skilled hands will introduce on stage in the occasion of the launch and presentation of a new, innovative and hypnotic cutting technique, the result of which celebrates the success of one of SCREEN products that, exactly through its impalpable and sophisticated lightness, has conquered the public. And again, the lightness of colours, where new special effects evoke the ease, evanescence and nostalgia of an autumnal leaf that falls and disappears in the warm and golden tones of the foliage. Fashion, trends and techniques with their natural evolution, remain the central fulcrum of this special appointment that is not only an occasion of sharing and show but is, overall, an important and fundamental training event. This is how techniques that intersect one with the other create cuts, colours, and moving effects that defy time in the real sense of the word. Speed of execution, versatility, and durability of results, always play a central role in the brands’ philosophy, and in this occasion, it will be celebrated and exalted with the launch of important novelties that will involve techniques and products. Relevant is also Richard Ashforth’s presence, founder, together with Aldo Furfaro, of Saco, the well-known hairstyle international brand – synonymous of quality and creative strength in the world – who, on Sunday the 25th of November, as special SCREEN guest, will get on the stage with a special training show. One of the key moments of this three days will be, as always, the closing FASHION SHOW, where emotions will alternate with the rationality and concreteness of the new lines and the technical gestures of the professional performers alternating in a creative dance in which new collections will take birth and arise. Emotions, technical concreteness, inspiration and amusement. This, therefore, will be the grand final that SCREEN will offer to its guests in the setting of a metropolis that takes fashion, creativity and trends as its own fundamental paradigm.


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