SCREEN Twodays Experience: Elodie the guest of honor.

25 November 2021

The two-day event that sets off the end of SCREEN training year took place on the 21st and 22nd of November in Riccione at Palacongressi. More than one thousand hair professionals were back to crowd the halls dedicated to education, sharing, and shows. Elodie has been the guest of honor.

“Time to enjoy”, as a propitiatory and celebratory sentence together, has been the payoff of this two-day rich in inspirations and awesomeness. Being a hairstylist, it’s not only a matter of technique. It is the result of an ensemble of abilities that transform an artisan into a creative, an artist, who, with his own hands, can model new shapes and styles that valorize and tell the identity of whom will wear them, just like precious gems in an outfit.

It is precisely from jewels’ infinite reflexes and changing colors that the novelties presented on stage have taken inspiration. 2022 will be, to all intents and purpose, the year of color in all its different facets. From romantic and delicate pastel tones to primary colors, full, sharp, vibrant. From shades to flat patterns. From saturated hues to light and airy nuances.

Expectation, enthusiasm, and bliss have characterized the closing show in which, just like in a carousel, the most interesting novelties for next year followed one another. The mature and skilled voices of the International Team have accompanied the work of young hands, able and fast, designing 2022 looks: bleaching and colors. Sharp cuts. Rigid and severe bangs or destructured. Surprise, excitement, and great enthusiasm, for new styling outlooks, have accompanied the professionals’ exit

The dialogue with art – visual, theatrical, or musical – is evident in colors and shapes and testifies to its unique inspirational role. And it is precisely from the art world that one of the most applauded female artists of the moment, Elodie, came to make this two-day event even more special. Beautiful, stubborn, and able. She shined on the Palariccione stage as guest of honor, donating with her soul-voice warmth, sensuality, and emotion.


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