Thermal Protector

Hair thermal protecting spray

It protects from high temperatures during the styling phases while using hairdryers, flat irons and curling wands. It leaves hair light, soft and silky, and makes the hairstyle last longer. Weightless. Suitable for all hair types.

Hair thermal protecting spray_1
Size 150 ml / 5.07 fl oz
Hair thermal protecting spray_2
PH 3.90
Hair thermal protecting spray_3
Active ingredients D-Pantenolo
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DIRECTIONS OF USE Shake well before use. Spray onto towel-dried or dry hair, from roots to ends. Distribute evenly with a comb. Proceed with drying and styling.
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When to use it To protect hair from the aggression of high temperatures to preserve its entirety, health and beauty.
- High protection, a styling must have;
- Hair set support
-Moistyplex, beauty enhancer;
- A precious alley against split ends for long hair lovers;
- Hair fragrance.
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Is the most stable form of B5 VITAMIN. A real precious vitamin, one of the most renowned as it is directly involved in the bulb regeneration.The B5 VITAMIN, not only keeps hair in good health but offers also a deep anti-ageing effect giving hair brightness, volume and vitality.