The X-Quiff style: the man cut that destructures rockabilly’s one

23 October 2021

It is one of the most famous man haircuts. It has conquered the tastes and attention of a large public involving male clients of different ages.

It has been proposed through the years in various solutions and worn by celebrities from the sport and star system. Its style is versatile and adaptable, able to satisfy different exigences. Mature man likes it in a more rigorous and neat version. But nowadays, the more rebel and messy version is swarming the cities streets, dressing the heads of young fashion-addicted.

It dictates the new young-fashion trend.

Young guys, now with extreme ease, proceed with brushing and styling, stealing their young female companions – now more messy and naive – their hairstyling leadership.

Our X-Quiff style is the result of the popular Quiff cut SCREEN reinterpretation. That haircut that from the 50s has been the protagonist of evolutions, transformations, and countless reinterpretations. The SCREEN version matches back, lateral short hair (but not shaved), with a messy long and texturized frontal tuft, full and bodied with its “outward” design.

Depending on the type of hair and the desired effect and final style, this hair cut can be enriched with chromatic lightenings or coloring touches, or even a perm to obtain more support and movement. Lightenings chromatically modulate the deepness and dynamism of this man cut, while perm technical services give hold and structure, especially in the case of straight hair, which tends to lose shape and flatten down. Modeling paste, volumizing powder, and hairspray are some of the essential styling products indispensable to maintain the volume and shape of this fascinating and more and more popular male cut.


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