ThreeDays International Show, how did it go?

3 December 2019

On the 26th of November, the Three Days grand event of sharing, training and show signed by SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso ended in Milan with the great International Show!

More than 2000 hairstylists and professional operators have crowded and animated, with their passion and emotional involvement, every moment of the event specifically conceived to transmit, at the same time, knowledge and creative passion.
Many are the novelties presented on stage.
Among the more relevant there are surely the nuances of the new collections, inspired by the colors of the sands of the world, the new Shadé Le Gradazioni technique that enriches SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso’s coloring world, and the presentation of the new “Curls&Waves” collection, rich in seductive stylings that will enhance XXL lengths and extra volumes. But among all, it has been an original and surprising technical innovation that has stuck out on the proscenium conquering the public’s enthusiasm: the GHOST FRINGE CUT!
Born from Rocco Blasioli Artistic Director’s creative flair, it is about a brilliant cut that makes fringe and side tuft coexist thanks to a bright technical artifice. A simple gesture is enough to make the fringe disappear and transform it in something completely different, giving the possibility to experiment every day a new look “fringe/tuft” hiding one and unveiling the other and vice-versa, easily and instantly.
There is a lot of material to get inspiration from and to work on for a 2020 year rich in innovation, creativity and success!


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