To repair with care

Repair’s unique and original reconstructive power is on the market with an important line extension and an elegant and sophisticated pack that launches the line to the high end of the haircare sector.

SCREEN presents Repair new reconstructing line that meets the needs and tastes of a heterogeneous public thanks to its boosted new formula and dedicated products.

KT Complex, the revolutionary reconstruction system for damaged and sensitized hair that deeply repairs hair from the inside to the outside, is the core of the formula.

Everybody, sooner or later, sees its hair damaged, fragile and dull. The continuous exposition to atmospheric aggressions, chemical services and mechanical and thermal stresses during styling sessions, put hair fibre to the test. Hair becomes weak, fragile and loses its natural vigour and splendour. The use of Repair reconstruction system is the right answer to an increasing demand for deep nourishment and reconstruction. A clinical test carried out in collaboration with a prestigious Italian University measured the efficiency using scanning electronic microscopes and colour-metrics producing astonishing results. Even the women who underwent the tests gave extremely positive self-assessment reviews describing their hair as softer, shinier, healthier and repaired. The effectiveness of the treatment underwent a clinical trial on a statistically significant panel giving excellent findings. “Using the three SCREEN Hair Repair products (Kit Stage 1, 2, 3) establishes a restructuring effect of the hair as evidenced in its analysis by means of a scanning electron microscope. Linked to this improvement is also an increase in the hairs’ luminosity” – we quote. The results obtained are clear and demonstrate the efficiency of the deep reconstruction. As we said Repair line is enlarged and enriched by a range of products designed to satisfy different uses, needs and hair types.

Duocare two-phase spray, for example, can be easily used outdoors or at work to disentangle and revitalize even the thinnest hair; Instacare spray is suitable for a daily use too but it meets the need for deeper conditioning. Nutricare, a mousse dedicated to who loves the soft texture of a leave-in foam. It acts as repairing system maintenance treatment and it is perfect for normal and thick hair. And last but not least, Onestep reconstructor, a boosted reconstructing system to be used easily and quickly, is perfect for those who don’t want to give up their reconstructing appointment but don’t have the time to carry out the complete “three steps” ritual. So it is clear that the company wanted to provide a solution to all the different necessities and tastes with a “chameleonic” line that easily adapts to all needs, lifestyles and hair types.


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