Your mommy, her hair, and a special gift

29 April 2021

Often mommies are always in a rush splitting themselves through work, house and family errands.
It happens that they neglect themselves a bit and that they always postpone a personal self-caring and pampering moment.

Their car, for the happiness of the traffic policemen, becomes their makeup studio.
An appointment with the beautician must be planned in advance, just as an institutional meeting.
They usually finish their lunch in the middle of the door. Their plans are scheduled on top of the washing machine, between one loading and another.
Even the most intimate and private appointment turns into a summit in the bathroom, and … the hair?

What’s hair?

Maybe that unshaped and electrified mass of dry and dull fibers just looking like broomcorn?
A shower and a shampoo are, too often, the best they can allow themselves in the silence of a house that just fell asleep… and they consider it quite enough to still have their hair on their head.

Here we are. Remind your mom that she’s a lovely person, give her an exceptional gift, lend her a personal caring moment.

Something quick, easy and effective that can make her feel beautiful and neat again and that will bring her messy hair back to its original splendour.

Looking for some ideas? Discover the gift selection dedicated to your mother.



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