Shampoo Multifunction

Multifunctional shampoo

It gently cleanses, providing numerous benefits in a single, magical gesture. It is suitable for all hair types and meets all the most common needs related to hair care.

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Size 250 ml. / 8.45 fl oz
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Directions for use Apply in several places to wet hair. Massage to a lather adding more water if necessary. Rinse. Repeat if necessary. Always refer to the directions included in the package.
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When to use it You are always in a hurry and are looking for one product able to satisfy all your needs.
It responds to all the most common needs related to hair care.
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A multitasking range
A multitasking line: a precious and modern ally for all those women who have little time, but do not want to renounce the beauty of their hair. Its high technology reduces the steps needed to get fantastic results. Suitable for all hair types. It is a Sles, Dea and Paraben free line.