Sunbath Hair Protective Detangler

Two-phase detangling hair protective spray

Two-phase detangling hair protective spray enriched with Orchid Milk, Camu Camu Extract and wide spectrum UV filters. Protects against dryness and dehydration, facilitating combability and styling. Suitable for all hair types.

Two-phase detangling hair protective spray_1
Size 200 ml. / 6.76 fl oz
Two-phase detangling hair protective spray_2
Active Ingredients Orchid Milk, Camu Camu Extract.
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Directions Shake well before use. Apply during and after sun exposure or just before the After-sun Hair&Body Shampoo. Distribute evenly.
All products contains allergens-free fragrances, without potentially sensitizing ingredients
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Suncontrol is designed to protect and nourish hair, body, and face during and after the exposure to environmental aggressions throughout the warm season. Suncontrol products contain wide-spectrum uv filters and natural, precious ingredients such as orchid milk and camu camu extract.
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ORCHID MILK The extract obtained from the Orchid plant is rich in minerals and polysaccharides conferring hydrating, soothing, anti-age, and regenerating effects.

CAMU CAMU EXTRACT The Camu Camu fruit extract (Myrciaria Dubia Fruit Extract) is a precious cosmetic ingredient used for its ability to counteract oxidative stress. It is also known for its toning and illuminating properties.