Bond Building stage 1

Protective and restoring fluid for disulfide bonds

Phase 1 of the Professional Replex Kit.
It has been formulated to be added directly to the chemical treatments and to protect the hair during and after the technical service (coloring, highlighrs, bleaching, perm, high bleaching or straightening). It is suitable for all hair types. Specifically indicated for cleints who have hair damaged by previous chemical treatments, its use is however strongly recommended for all those who perform a technical service. It is a professional protection and repair system that can be performed in the salon independently of chemical treatments to intervene where the hair is compromised by mechanical and atmospheric stress, or previous treatments.

Protective and restoring fluid for disulfide bonds _2
Size 500 ml / 16.91 oz
Protective and restoring fluid for disulfide bonds _3
PH 5.50 - 6.50
Protective and restoring fluid for disulfide bonds _4
Directions for use Add to hair bleach or hair color mixture according to the instructions on
Always refer to the directions included in the package.
Protective and restoring fluid for disulfide bonds _5
When to use it You want to protect your hair during technical treatments and make the service performed last longer.
It repairs and protects the disulfide bonds compromised during technical treatments. Its action is activated during the technical treatment and continues even after its completion, over time its properties will continue to act within the hair. It protects and strengthens the hair. It allows the technical service to last longer, and makes colors more vibrant.
Replex should become an integrating part of your technical service. The instructions and video will support you in using it at its best.

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Blonder, colorful, unbreakable
Replex is a professional kit designed in two phases, specifically created to reconstruct and protect disulphide bonds damaged during chemical treatments or by exposure to stresses due to mechanical or atmospheric aggressions. The action of its components deeply penetrates into the structure of the hair during a technical service, by preventing and simultaneously repairing possible damage, thus providing nutrition and extra hydration. Replex is an essential working tool, which does not interfere with timing and procedures of your treatments.