AQUA COLLECTION: From the perceptual distortion of reality, new innovative inspirations arise

10 January 2024

When immersing oneself in the depths of the sea, everything appears distorted; what once seemed familiar takes on a new form, it transforms and contorts, offering a fresh new inspiration. It is from this new perspective that the Spring/Summer 2024 SCREEN and tagliatiXilsuccesso collection emerge with shapes, colors, and lines moving, floating, and drawing new profiles. It is just like a deep dive into style inspired by the magical difference in perception experienced in the element of water. A world where time slows down, and every movement is art and technique in a fluid and dreamy experimentation. Every creative solution, every stylistic proposal reflects this transformative perspective, suggesting bold and fresh solutions, with the aim of expressing and emphasizing the individuality of each person.

New Spring/Summer 2024 creative solutions conceived for the new season will be narrated by contemporary and enchanting figures emerging from the depths of the sea donning innovative technical solutions that sculpt new volumes and paint new hues, bringing brand new surfaces to life. The entire collection is characterized by freshness, dynamism, and extreme versatility in the ability to transform and change constantly, just like the surface of water that ripples, moves, and recomposes with just a touch.

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