From Argan oil and the most modern cosmetic technology, arises the new hair and body line SCREEN Pure d’ARGAN.

10 April 2024

The use of Argan oil in the cosmetic field has ancient roots and dates back many generations. The Berber communities of Morocco, in particular, have traditionally used this precious oil for the benefits it offers to the skin and hair. The new Pure D’Argan SCREEN line, based on organic Argan oil, didn’t stop there, but wanted to accompany this precious natural ingredient with an active ingredient from the most modern cosmetic technology: the Luminescine. As explained by the R&D laboratories, inspired by the photoluminescence of plants, it not only shields hair and skin from UV damage but transforms them into a new source of radiant light. The result? Immediate and intense radiance, and extreme softness that instantly gives a younger, healthier, and brighter appearance to the hair.

The ARGAN line consists of 7 products with professional performance. A silkifying oil-shampoo, a nourishing balm and mask, a specific silkifying fluid for hair, and a 100% organic pure multifunctional oil for face, body, and hair. In addition to these haircare products, two new additions exclusively designed for the body are introduced. Luxurious treats that offer customers a complete beauty experience. These include a rich and illuminating body cream, and an exfoliating and silkifying body cleanser. All naturally enriched with Argan Oil and Luminescine for intense radiance.

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