PUREDIPS: love in colors

2 October 2023

The versatile, rich and creative colored masks that refresh and renovate your color.

Hair’s color has increasingly become a fashion accessory to be proudly showed to manifest one’s personality and tastes. Whether it is natural, icy, or super pop, the color must always be perfect, vivid, and brilliant; otherwise, there’s a risk of “shabby effect” appearing disheveled and lackluster due to a faded hair color.
 So, how can you maintain a consistently bright and vibrant hair color between coloring appointments? How can you satisfy the desire to constantly refresh your look without commitment while indulging in the desire for soft, silky, and nourished hair?

To answer all these questions and more, SCREEN has launched PUREDIPS COLOR RECHARGER, a new line of colored nourishing masks. This product range includes 11 directly mixable shades and a desaturating neutral one that allows the creation of infinite shades. From intense and saturated tones for bold looks to light pastel variations for a more romantic appearance.
The new PUREDIPS COLOR RECHARGER masks serve a dual purpose: a technical tool for colorists in salons and an essential colored treat for clients at home. While caring for and pampering the hair, they help maintain vibrant tones between coloring sessions, create new shades on natural hair, or tone bleached hair with an easy, fast, and non-committal direct coloring service. It’s a unique opportunity to perfect technical looks while ensuring the best hair condition at home.

Their exclusive formula is vegan, and enriched with two cutting-edge cosmetic technology active ingredients: the Colorist Complex and Magnolia Glycolic Extract with antioxidant properties. The Colorist Complex is a blend of Italian fruits obtained through molecular bioliquefaction, a technology developed to surpass the limitations of conventional extraction technologies, resulting in phyto complexes rich in highly complete and bioavailable active ingredients, hence 100% active and 100% effective. Together, these two actives enhance hair shine and protect its color, keeping it bright and vital. The magnolia that characterizes its aromatic blend, along with notes of frangipani, orange blossoms, red fruits, ylang-ylang, and vanilla, is so enveloping and pleasant that it transforms what might seem like a mere “technical” service into a captivating multi-sensory and cosmetic experience, a guarantee according to those who have already tried it!
To attest SCREEN’s growing commitment to sustainability Puredips fragrance is the result of an eco-friendly formulation with a low environmental impact, readily biodegradable, meaning it achieves the highest levels of biodegradability, with at least 60% degrading in water in just 28 days. Furthermore, its mono-material packaging is 100% recyclable.

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