Relooking 2018

11 July 2018

Remove, redefine, lighten to find out that there is more!

BEFORE: Indeed, when someone has nice basic features, a charming face, regular traits, and a penetrating gaze, it is always possible and advisable to dare to boast radical look changes, providing an outrageous boost to our appearance. Lilien, the model featuring in our Before&After, surely has all the features listed. Her natural, though romantic, look was also somewhat static and ordinary and needed a more contemporary and glam touch. Her dark blond hair required bright touches here and there and her light eyes had to be underlined and enhanced.

AFTER: The final result is undoubtedly a breaking point with Liliens’s previous aspect, as she was unaware of the potential strong and sexy look that she can now boast. A gritty and rock look, which does not neglect femininity and refinement, and is a metaphor of open challenge towards the world. The haircut, particularly short on the top and on the front, was obtained through the Areola technique and A-tech and D-tech scissors. Bright touches on lighter tufts, on a warmer base, light up the perimeters, by donating movement and defining the outlines.


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